Addressing Gaps in the Consumer Buying Journey

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According to Natasha Hritzuk, the senior director of consumer insights at Microsoft, consumers are desperate for a more personalized shopping experience. She offered this insight based on Microsoft’s recent consumer decision journey research.

The message isn’t really new, for some time we have known there is a gap between the shopping experience consumers are expecting versus the reality of present day “siloed shopping”. Retailers continue to struggle with the multi-channel consumer who now effortlessly moves between devices and platforms. And, as if this weren’t enough of a challenge, consumers are more connected than ever in the digital space.

Hritzuk believes that a more seamless experience could be an effective weapon against the dreaded “showrooming” behavior. She feels that retailers are not grasping the importance of creating a seamless experience.

Let’s discuss this topic from the mobile perspective. Please join us at #SMchat 11/6/13 at 1:00 PM EST and join in the conversation.

Q1) What are some of the gaps in the current siloed purchasing journey?

Q2) How can marketers address these gaps?

Q3) What internal changes are necessary to move brands toward seamless shopping?

Q4) How do brands break down barriers between the online and offline experience?

Q5) How could e-commerce learnings inform in-store experience?

Here is the Mediapost article that inspired the topic.



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