Social Media Agenda: 2014

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social media agenda: 2014

social media agenda: 2014

Put down that shopping list, and dust off your crystal ball. It’s time to peer into the next 12 months, as we sort out the future of Social Media.

Every week since 2009 we’ve been taking apart the micro trends. What’s happening with mobilty, customer service, marketing, and social change? Next up, this coming Wednesday, we attack the broader picture, asking those hard questions that others seem to want to talk around.

Pour some egg nog, and let’s go:  you’re holiday review of Social 2014.  Let’s start here:

Q1. Is proliferation (of everything!) causing social media to lose mindshare, and/or relevance? If not, why not? If so, how can it recover?

Q2. As connections/networks get harder to manage, what needs to change? For example, what replaces Klout, #Followfriday & Twitter lists as ways to achieve/measure value in social connections?

Q3. Will social media fuel the mobility revolution?  Or vice versa? And why? What are the core drivers?

Q4. What is the ultimate tipping point for broader Customer Service & Marketing adoption of social? Or must we rely on a slow, gradual transition? Does this pace pickup? Why?

Q4a. Does channel confusion beg for an accelerated omni-channel “seamless experience” model?  This is a riff on 1 and 4; how quickly can we provide customers with a better brand experience via social?

Q5. Are we waking up to the societal implications of social?  It’s happened in pockets. Or is something broader and deeper holding us back?

Q6. If you ran Twitter, Facebook or G+, what would you do in 2014 to change the game? Are monetization (aka advertising) healthy forces, or sidetracking progress? What’s the dynamic w/ automated and sponored posts?

Perhaps you can think of other questions you’d like to ask, extending these, or turning our focus in different directions. Please speak up!  Most of our moderators will be together with us, and we’re already building weekly chat topics for 2014. We have much to talk about. Let’s plan for 75 minutes.

I’ll take this opportunity to extend my personal gratitude to everyone who is an active part of the #smchat community, epsecially our moderators, founders, and regulars. For almost 5 years we’ve been asking hard questions, digging as deeply as our short time together allows, but always .. without fail .. making strong new connections with others. It’s a new and exciting form of collaborative learning. We’re exploring at the edge of some new capabilities. But sustaining the dialog this long (and longer!) requires a viable, growing community .. a village, if you will .. and that’s what we have at #smchat.

I hope to see you online WEDS 12/18 at 1pm ET using hashtag #smchat for “Social Media Agenda 2014” .. we’ve got some important trends to pin down .. and just over and hour to do it . !! Be there. With bells on.

Chris aka @sourcepov

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