Strategizing for Social Media Success

Posted on January 28, 2014 by


“Content, content, content!” Content is King, they say. We listened and we produced, many of us aimlessly. Now its 2014 and it is time for us (marketers) to begin answering the harder questions. “Why are we on social?” “Why should our customers care?”

Join Merlin U Ward discussing social media strategy. We’ll pull back the curtain and share the higher level of thinking around social media marketing and what brands should be considering when it comes to strategy before content.


Q1. Before content: What should companies be considering before creating content?

Q2. Marketing insights: Where do you start to find the insights on your customers?

Q3. Content: Prioritize these considerations for content; topic, volume, depth, shareablility, emotion.  Explain your answer.

Q4. Integration: What are your favorite ways to execute/examples of social media integration? (reference)

Q5. Avoiding debacles: How do you asses risk with your social media tactics? (reference)

Q6. Measure: What are your tips for tracking social media success in terms of business goals?

Q7. Future: What do you predict will be the biggest trend in social media in 2014?

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