Crowdsourcing for Social Change: Finding the people with new ideas

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Where do we find the energy for social change?

Where do we find new ideas for social change? Photo courtesy Joy Jordan

We’ve talked recently about messaging for social change and the many aspects of the stories we tell that help get folks engaged. But what of the people with untapped ideas?

So often in the NFP (not for profit) space there is an established cause or charity that seeks our support, engagement, signatures, likes .. and of course, contributions. No harm there. Many great charities are doing many great things.

But are there people out there with new ideas? How might they reach an audience?

Let’s examine not just the means of engaging stakeholders, but the source of stakeholder ideas as well. Where might we find those next great ideas? Does a local community focus help narrow down the search? Or does larger scale crowdsourcing hold opportunities? Here are some discussion starters for WEDS 2.26 1pET.

  • Q1. Where might we find people with ideas for social change? Should we look locally, or globally?
  • Q2. What kinds of ideas are mostly likely to emerge from a crowdsource model?
  • Q3. What socialmedia channels might be ideal for crowdsourcing?
  • Q4. Could story or social based messages spark crowdsourced inputs? How?

We’ll reconvene every 4th WEDS at hashtags #smchat #socialchange .. we hope you’ll join us, as we continue to unpack the possibilities.

Chris aka @sourcepov

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