Customer Service and Social Media Evolution

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Customer Service and Social Media are evolving quickly.  It is in the best interest of organizations to connect the two, in order to maximize the benefits from customer service and social media.  However, if Customer Service and Social Media do not fall under the same overarching organizational structure, they should be connected by intracompany goals and accountability guidelines to best serve the business as a whole.  There is no “one size fits all solution,” but it is possible to find a better solution in every scenario.   During this week’s #SMChat at 1pm ET, March 12th, we will discuss the better solution…the questions are as follows:

Q1. How are Customer Service and Social Media connected within your organization?

Q2. What is the best practice for connecting Customer Service and Social Media?

Q3. What plans should be made to evolve “legacy” Customer Service departments? (Legacy, in this instance, indicates without social presence or influence on behalf of the organization.)

Q4. How can those departments evolve together to meet the expectations of your customers?

Q5. How can organizations gain efficiencies by tapping into knowledge of Customer Service and Social Media?

The chat is always informational, engaging and spirited.  We look forward to your input, so join us!

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