Are We Wired for Social Change?

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Are We Wired for Social Change?

As we explore the enablers of Social Change, let’s take a look at our personal networks. The potential of our messages (and ultimately, our impact) will be influenced by the nature and degree of our connectedness. Think about it. Will our friends and followers be receptive? Are the needed connections in place?

In short, are we wired for Social Change?

On Facebook for example, many talk about favorite causes and charities in passing, but with messages that fall short of persuasion. It’s hard to generalize, of course, but most seem uninterested in starting a movement, content, instead, with sharing information ..

Not everyone is out to save the world. But most non-profits are. And what might happen if WE find ourselves with a message or an idea for change that we want to spread?

Let’s take a look at a few of the questions implied:

  • Q1. Receptiveness. Does our friend/follower base have a fixed level of receptiveness, or is this something we can influence?
  • Q2. Characteristics. What makes a person or a network of people “ready” or “wired” to participate in #socialchange?
  • Q3. Messaging and Story. What did we learn from these recent chats re: shaping the potential of our messaging to inform? inspire?
  • Q4. Connections. Does the size/scale of our network have a direct bearing on our ability to influence #socialchange !?

I’d love your thoughts on these questions. We are 15 months into our exploration of Social Change with a social media focus. Each 4th WEDS at 1pET we explore different aspects of this fascinating space.

Join us this week, and during the same time slot each month after, to compare notes. We hope to see you there!

Chris @sourcepov

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