Mobile App Usage Increasing for 2014. Charting the future.

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I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my co-moderator Autom @autom8 for his stellar solo performance the past couple of months. I’ve just completed an extended assignment and I am excited to return to the chat.

Recently I have noticed a number of studies and charts that show mobile behavior is changing, we have definitely reached a tipping point. But what does this mean for marketers? We would like to explore this topic today. But first a few charts.

Here is a study by Flurry that provides some interesting insights. You’ll notice that time spent on apps vs time spent on the web is significant. What is more significant to me, the amount of time spent on games.

Here is another study indicating time spent on apps exceeds time spent on the web, this chart also provides some relevant stats on smartphone penetration along with some insight on growth trends globally.

This chart presents some insight into multi-screen behaviors.

And finally this chart suggesting that marketers are most excited about the customer experience in 2014.

Please join @autom8 and me 4/2/14 1:00PM EDT to discuss these questions:

Q1 – Is rising app usage a good thing for marketers? Why or why not?

Q2 – Are marketers taking advantage of these behavioral changes? Can you give examples?

Q3 – How do marketers deal with the challenge of increasing noise of more apps?

Q4 – How does the mobile customer experience need to change?

Q5 – What do you say to a marketer trying to understand mobile?

Q6 – What can brands learn from games and social platforms?

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