Five years of SMCHAT are now behind us. What lies ahead?

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SMCHAT is 4 (it's a celebration)

SMCHAT is 5 (Welcome to our 5th Year Anniversary Gala !!)

It’s hard to believe that #SMCHAT is 5-years old this week. We started as a spin-off of #INNOCHAT in April 2009, borrowing their unique, in-depth analytical view of topics and Q&A format, but focused on social media in general, rather than innovation practice. From there, the community has evolved in unique ways. We were perhaps the first (and still, the only?) chat to conduct weekly focus series with multiple moderators. Like a journal with departments and editors, #smchat provides focus across diverse social dimensions.

What lies ahead? That’s anybody’s guess. But this time around, we’re asking our moderators and a few of our original founders to weigh in on the drivers. What are some of the core threads and factors that have fueled the success of #SMCHAT to date, or that might be key to its future success?

So far, the “I’s” have it .. primary Q’s in italics ..

  • Q1. INSPIRATION (Autom). There are many ways we can engage with others on social. But next to comments on social streams and terse Twitter exchanges, nothing (so far) comes close to participating in Twitter chats. Why? Because it’s an hour-long session where sparks literally fly. A time and place where we get spontaneously inspired, and in the process, inspire others as well. How does #smchat inspire you? And how do you see it continuing to do so?
  • Q2. IMPACT (Chris). Hashtracking says in the last calendar year alone, we’ve posted 26k tweets w/ 106M timeline deliveries via the #smchat hashtag [see report]. That’s #socialmedia speak for “high impact.” As we work to stay current on the major trends and opportunities in the social space, what more can we do to get the word out? In terms of impact, is #smchat applying best practices in social media marketing, community development, and tools like SEO? How can we raise the bar even further?
  • Q3. INCLUSIVENESS (Sharon). Why do you think #SMCHAT participants feel included in our convo? Will you to bring a friend to the next chat? From social media veterans to “newbies” who are checking out a Twitter chat for the first time, no matter how many followers you have, your voice is always heard at #SMCHAT. We ask for your insights, listening and responding to everyone who shares; how does this drive a sense of community?
  • Q4. INNOVATION (Cathryn). At #smchat, we’ve discussed how social media has impacted innovation and cultural change in organizations, producing new channels for the flow of feedback, and making the notion of “social business” a reality. How might further social media innovation (within orgs and society at large) help us shape the future of “social change?” Can #smchat play an active role?
  • Q5. INSIGHT (Amber). If a well-constructed tweet provides insight, you could argue an organized Twitter chat can provide a significant (and on-going) learning experience. What kind of mark has #smchat made on the “social learning” landscape? How might we continue to expand on this, in the context of both customer service, and continuous improvement in general?

I’ll provide overall emcee duties this coming WEDS APR 23 at 1pET, but I’ll ask each Q moderator to expand and facilitate the discussion around their own key word, as posted above. More socialmedia innovation? It’s from all of us at #SMCHAT. Thanks as always for all you do to make this community a success.

Hope you’ll join us Wednesday. See you online !!

– Chris aka @sourcepov

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