The case of the non-mobile website

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While swiping down through my Twitter stream, I noticed a tweet that looked intriguing. It referred to how “email has pretty much conquered the Internet due to custom audience targeting” (somewhat of a paraphrase) but you can see how any marketer could simply not pass that one up.

So I tap on the link; but much to my dismay, I come across a blog (a popular one, too) that was NOT optimized for mobile.

Lately, I’ve been coming across more and more of these non-mobile websites on my smartphone. Why is this? For all the talk marketers go on about being mobile, and mobility as the modern axis of all things relevant, many seem to pay no heed to ‘practicing what they ping’.

*Sigh ..

So I started Googling for any data or any form of statistical pulse check that would give me some indication as to how dire this lacuna (dig that word) could be.

The latest piece of data I was able to find was in a post by @marketingland pertaining mainly to SMB’s in the U.S. and the U.K.:












(If you are privy to additional, related data, please do share in the comments)

Despite the seemingly narrow demographic sample, the numbers are still quite telling, particularly since SMB’s stand to risk missing out on potential revenue and the opportunity to expand market share.

As we’d expect, mobile technology is in itself brimming by the second with a myriad of developments and advancements, from wearables to payments. In fact, we looked at the rise of apps just last month.

But lets step back for a moment and explore this curious gap that seems to go unchecked among our ranks:

Q1 What possible (legitimate or not) reasons could there be for an org NOT to be optimized for mobile?

Q2 Should ALL websites be optimized for mobile? Should this be self-evident or does it need a proper business case?

Q3 How should a non-mobile org who needs to be mobile catch up? What options/ideas should they consider?

Q4 If an org has an app, do they need a mobile site? Why? Why not?

Q5 Aside from expanding audience reach, what are some key benefits with being optimized for mobile?

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