Top Social Media Sites by Age Group

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Social Media Types

Social Media Types

Recently, I had the honor of attending and speaking on a panel at the MediaPost Search Insider Summit. There were so many great insights during that conference, but one of the panels that I found most interesting was a panel of teenagers discussing Influencing Young Consumers in the Age of Snapchat, WhatsApp and the Next Big Thing. For starters, the title talked about new social media platforms like Snapchat and WhatsApp and even thought I have SnapChat on my phone, I only use it to communicate with two people! I hadn’t even heard of WhatsApp, but I didn’t hear it mentioned by any of the teens and neither of my teens had heard of it so I didn’t feel quite so old!

Not only age, but location may be factors in the adoption of social media platforms. For example, in a survey of two (which is most definitely NOT statistically significant) my college-age teens hadn’t heard of WhatsApp, but they told me about Yik Yak, which is used more by my college student who attends a college in the South than the one attending a college in the NorthEast. Is it the age that’s the main driver in identifying and using new platforms or is it location, or both, or something else altogether?

Since my “day job” doesn’t include teens as a target demographic, I started thinking about how social media was used by age groups other than my own…and so we have this week’s #SMChat questions!

  1. Do you choose social media channels by your target audience’s age group(s)? How do you know what channel to use?
  2. If you don’t target social media platforms by age, how do you choose them/which ones do you choose and why?
  3. How do the social media channel and/or your target audience’s age determine how often you interact with them?
  4. What are the top social media platforms by age group? @Facebook @Twitter @Pinterest @Snapchat @YikYakApp others?
  5. What’s your social media strategy to keep on top of the “Next Big Thing” for your target audience?

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