Customer Service Has Always Been Social

Posted on June 11, 2014 by


Oleson's Mercantile

Customer service and social have always been interwoven.  The faces of brands, from small town shops to global brands, would be on point for some level of service.  Think about the show Little House on the Prairie, Mr. Olson lived in the community in which he worked.  He would serve his customers differently because of that.  He cared about them, he socialized with them and he nurtured those relationships.

As business continues to evolve, so does that scenario.  Have you ever attended a conference where a known brand representative was put on the spot for customer service inquiries?  I’ve seen it repeatedly.  Usually, the person will put you in touch with the “right” person to address the issue, but they also nurture the relationship with the organization.  (Unfortunately, sometimes the opposite happens and there is fallout as a result. It seems that most publicized examples of this involve celebrity spokespeople.)

With the evolution business, social media is the place where many of the customer service scenarios play out.  Inquiries come faster and from so many directions, but when organizations plan for this and create an internal service mindset, the results can be beneficial to customers and companies alike.  Nurturing the relationships and enhancing the customer experience, with the organization as a whole, is critical.

With the end of the 2nd Quarter of 2014 looming, how is your organization continuing to focus on nurturing the relationships with your customers via social media?

We hope that you will join us for this month’s #CustomerService feature on #SMChat, which takes place on June 11th at 1pm ET.  We will address the questions below and hope that you will join in the conversation.

Q1.  Has your organization evolved the way you serve your customers?

Q2.  Have recent trends caused you to add any social customer service channels? Which ones?

Q3.  What metrics do you look to in regards to your social and customer service goals?

Q4.  Where do you think the greatest opportunities lie for customer service in the 2nd half of 2014?

Q5.  How do you create expectations for customer service via social media?