How Social Is Your SEO?

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Since we haven’t talked about Social Media and SEO in almost two years, I thought it might be time to revisit the topic. Even though Google changes their algorithms often enough to drive a marketer crazy, one ranking factor that has remained unchanged is that consistently publishing relevant content is rewarded with better than average search rankings. One factor that is becoming more and more prevalent to increase your SEO ranking is the use of social media.

  1. Do you track your SEO/social rankings or aren’t they a KPI for you? What tool do you use or what other KPIs?
  2. Do you see a correlation between increased social media followers, mentions or engagement and SEO rank?
  3. What percentage of the time do you post your own content, someone else’s content, RTs or replies?
  4. Do you find your website traffic goes up when you “engage” on social media? How about your rankings?
  5. Are Twitter chats/G+ hangouts/Facebook or LinkedIn threads more effective for traffic/sales/rankings?

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