Mobility, Context and The New Marketing Landscape

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Recently I found out that Starbucks is working with Duracell to provide wireless charging stations for mobile phones in their stores. Customers are exposed to new apps and options continually. How does a marketer keep their customers engaged and loyal when there are new shiny objects routinely appearing?

First you have to offer a sound product or service, there is no substitute for that. When Autom and I decided to embark on our monthly topic we specifically chose Mobility as the moniker. Though a great deal of mobility is mobile there is an important distinction. Mobile tends to steer the conversation to devices while mobility is more about an experience; one could even say it’s more about utility.

Starbucks has lead the way in pioneering a mobility mindset. What began as a mobile app has involved into a much greater endeavor. By thinking of the customer experience from the customer’s point of view Starbucks has found ways to integrate the experience, remove friction, and offer customer controlled options. By thinking beyond platforms and technologies Starbucks has created solutions and experiences.

This week let’s talk about context. Please join me 7/2/14 at 1PM EDT.

Here are the questions:

Q1. Can context provide a competitive advantage? If so how?

Q2. Can’t your competition just copy your innovations?

Q3. What do think Starbucks will do next? What would you suggest?

Q4. How would you respond if you were Dunkin Donuts? or Panera Bread?

Q5. Does a brand have to be customer-centric to have a mobility mindset?

Q6. Can you think of other brands who have a mobility mindset?

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