Career Corner: Are you Social Media Ready?

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seeking-identity-2-whiteThe following frame was provided by Samra Bufkins, a lecturer in Public Relations and Social Media in the Mayborn School of Journalism, University of North Texas.  It builds on and expands the engagement we’ve been having with students in her UNTJ4270 class, who are co-moderating the 7/30 open-topic #smchat with Samra .. 

Many employers hiring recent graduates and interns assume they have enough social media knowledge to navigate in a business environment. Increasingly, universities are adding social media to their curriculum, especially in the communications, business, and retailing majors.

Today’s chat will focus on the technical, strategic and common-sense skills employers look for in entry level hires.

  • Q1.  What are the most important skills a social media practitioner needs?
  • Q2.  What programs, platforms and applications are essential for students to learn?
  • Q3.  Besides social media knowledge, what other knowledge and skills should students focus on?
  • Q4.  What advice do you have for new graduates in the job search?

Looking forward to the conversation.  See you online, WEDS 7/30 12pm CDT, 1pm EDT.

Ed. Note:  The #smchat moderating team is excited about our new exchange with the UNT crew. Please join us for the third of some interesting and dynamic conversations .. and we’re hoping for many more !! – Chris aka @sourcepov

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