So you need a mobile app. Now what?

Posted on August 4, 2014 by


Whether you’re enterprise, SMB or independent, the time will come when you will eventually ‘need an app for that‘.

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And we all know what that would be right?

That is your organization’s ubiquitous calling card, the ultimate virtual spokesperson for what your brand stands for AND most importantly, what it can do for your customers, how it can be of value to  them.

That’s why now, you deserve to embrace  this ‘me, too’ moment without guilt. And now that you’ve finished exhaling this eureka moment, you wonder: Right. So where do I start?

For our Aug. 6 chat, we have the pleasure of having mobile development experts Yair and Brian of smartlogic join us in exploring this topic (Kudos to our colleague Sharon Mostyn for suggesting the connection!)

Here are some q’s to get us started:

Q1 Where would I start when considering having a mobile app developed? What are the key things I need to cover?

Q2 What are the key challenges when embarking on developing a mobile app? How are they best overcome?

Q3 What does a successful mobile app look like? What are some examples of apps with specific functions that would benefit the user (customer)?

Q4 What are some ways to figure out the budget and timeline for an app? What are risk factors and what can add complexity?

Q5 What are some best practices and universal guidelines I should be keeping an eye on when immersed in a mobile app project?