Is Social Media All About The Selfie?

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My Orioles Selfie! Did you know after 17 long years they’re the 2014 AL East Champions, hon?

According to Wikipedia, a selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often shared on social networking services such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and Twitter. Most selfies are taken with a camera held at arm’s length or pointed at a mirror. The word “selfie” was mentioned in Facebook status updates over 368,000 times during a one week period in October 2013. During the same period on Twitter, the hashtag #selfie was used in more than 150,000 tweets. That was almost a year ago, folks, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be waning since Ellen’s Oscar selfie had more than 1.3 MILLION retweets in less than an hour!

Don’t want to take your own selfies when you travel? There’s a travel company who will send a “social media assistant” along with you on your vacation to “document every moment of your trip” just in case you need a vacation from your personal social media efforts, but don’t want friends and family to miss out on your fun.

Although selfies are incredibly popular social media expressions by individuals, it’s tough to take a selfie of a business. According to a recent Business News Daily article, small businesses rely more on social media marketing than on any other form of advertising. During this week’s #SMChat Twitter chat, I’d like to talk about social media for business and how you can take that social media selfie mentality and turn it into profits!

  1. Is there a social media equivalent of a selfie for businesses?
  2. How does social media integrate with other forms of advertising?
  3. What can businesses do to make social media work for them?
  4. What social media KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) should business track and why?
  5. Does capitalizing on current events in social media help or hurt businesses?

Please join us on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 1PM ET on #SMChat to share your insights on social media for business – is it all about the selfie? Have a question, comment or insight and just can’t wait until the chat? Please post in the comments below!

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