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Having recently read a brilliant post on the Anatomy of a Successful In-App Messaging Campaign by @BrynAdler, I could not help but be inspired to further push the envelope in our ongoing dialogue surrounding mobility.

Bryn’s post is refreshingly informative, citing technical references to various steps involved in planning, carrying out and essentially carving out a standard for tangibly successful mobile campaigns.

Yes, ‘tangible’. Something we can definitely put a finger on, examine, quantify and calculate. While it’s no surprise to c0ntinually see posts alluding to how social marketing ROI (there, I said it) remains highly debated and disappointingly nebulous, there is simply no excuse for not delving into an earnest exercise that deconstructs the mobile campaign.

With this thought in mind, lets have a close look at some campaign elements and see what our collective lens can deduce from and share about the following:

Q1 What are some recurring (universal?) audience attributes that help identify and segment targets for mobile campaigns beyond purchasing habit and history? Is purchasing the sole common denominator?

Q2 Is there a difference between a conversion activity and conversion opportunity in a mobile campaign?

Q3 Name some examples of compelling content you’ve either crafted or come across in a mobile campaign. Precisely what makes it compelling?

Q4 ‘Marketing automation is the gold standard today.’ Do you agree? Why? Why not?

Q5 What are some useful and easy-to-implement analytics tools you’ve used for mobile campaigns?

Q6 What has been the most significant metric that has influenced and shaped your mobile marketing strategies?

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