Social Media Influence in Marketing

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OceanCityMD-greydayThis framing post is going to be a bit frenetic so I thought I’d start you off with a picture of a soothing grey day at the beach to calm your nerves.

I met Eric Hoffman in 2009 at the best marketing conference ever. It was an influential event for many marketers and after returning chock-full of ideas was what caused me to I start my own blog. (If you know Ann Handley and the team from MarketingProfs, I’d love to see them resurrect the Digital Marketing Mixer! Any help convincing them would be appreciated. LOL) Obviously I wasn’t the only one who was impacted by the conference, because Eric posted about the conference five years later.

Eric posted about catching up on the latest in digital marketing since it changes so fast. So let’s talk about a few recent changes in digital marketing:

  1.  Searchmetrics published Fall 2014 SEO ranking factors that have social influence as 7 of the top 11 factors – how does that impact your social media and SEO marketing strategy?
  2. Age vs. gender – are you speaking to the right audience? This Entrepreneur article suggests women are the biggest social media power users, and not just milllennials who are influencers.
  3. Is it time to give up the corporate website and focus solely on social media? The Guardian suggests it’s a possibility…for the right niche.
  4. Can your selfies be used to influence brand marketing? Apparently in some cases they can…and are! Love this quote: “Smile: You’re on marketing camera.” Do you think it’s ethical? Is it something you want your company to do? Is it something that you want done with photos shared in your social media accounts?
  5. How do you treat customers in order to get them to become social media evangelists? This Forbes post gives you three ideas of what NOT to do.

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