Social Change and Culture: Is it a Question of Values?

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Where do we find the energy for social change?

Culture reflects our values. Can it help lead us away from a socialchange mindset?

We know it’s important to establish and connect with stakeholder values when we grapple with large scale change.  At the core of our efforts there must be an emotional call to action, focusing our efforts and motivating our actions over the long term.

Culture has lots to do with our inner value systems. Much has been said about the negative influence consumerism has on our modern motivations. Consumer thinking that drives us toward accumulating ‘better’ and ‘more’ for ourselves seems in stark contrast with the ways of thinking that lead to social change. In today’s #socialchange #smchat, Autom Tagsa (aka @autom8) will lead a discussion on the dynamics of culture as they influence social change. And, as always, we’ll look at how social media plays a role.

  • Q1. Is our consumer culture in conflict with the values necessary to foster/enable #socialchange efforts?
  • Q2. How has #socialmedia influenced #socialchange thinking (e.g., the Ebola outbreak)?
  • Q3. Does #socialmedia reflect our values toward #socialchange, or help to shape them?
  • Q4. How might our culture or values evolve in a way that might be more likely to open doors for #socialchange ?

Hope you will join the conversation today, 10/22, at 1pm ET.  We’re continuing to identify building blocks for our social change framework. Culture almost certainly plays a role ..


Chris & Autom

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