Social Media Updates – What’s Next?

Posted on November 18, 2014 by



Social media is constantly evolving, but it seems that this past month even more big news has been coming across my newsfeed (yep, I get my news ABOUT social media FROM social media). Let’s chat about some of the recent updates on social media platforms, such as:

  1. Facebook is lowering your organic reach again – how do you respond? Are you changing your social media strategy to combat this change?
  2. Twitter indexes every public Tweet since 2006 so there will be many more search results. Can that help your marketing or will it just cause more “noise” in your searches?
  3. Snapchat and Square join for peer-to-peer payments What do you think – are you willing to pay your friends with Snapchat?
  4. YouTube Music Key is Google’s follow-up to Google Play Music All Access Are there other opportunities for YouTube and Google to ?
  5. IBM just announced an email platform integrating social media, file sharing and analytics to learn user’s behavior and predict interactions with co-workers Is “big brother” really watching you?
  6. New ad-free social media platform Ello is making money thru t-shirts Are you buying them? What’s next?

Join us to discuss these questions and more on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 1PM ET using the Twitter chat hashtag #SMChat. Can’t wait to ask your questions or have something that you want to discuss? Please leave a comment below! Also, if you ever have a topic you’d like to discuss during the weekly #SMChat Twitter chat, feel free to let me (or any of the moderators) know!

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