You Have to be the Customer to Deliver the Best Customer Experience

Posted on January 21, 2015 by


JourneyDo you fit into your customer’s shoes? Do you even know what they look like? These are important questions to consider when designing the customer experience. You have to be able to walk a mile in your customer’s shoes, it’s the entire journey not just a snapshot that will yield the greatest insights into what should be measured, how it is measured and how you can improve.

Every person has been a customer at some point and many have felt the disappointment, anger or frustration when encountering a service issue. It’s unfortunate, but seems the norm, that when you contact an organization you will be re-routed several times, delayed a various points and sometimes do not receive a resolution…it’s a rough part of the customer experience. How can organizations shift focus to improve the entire customer experience journey, rather than focusing on a single point? That’s the topic for the #CustServ monthly feature on #SMChat January 21, 2015 at 1pm ET.

Questions we will discuss:

Q1. Have you mapped the customer experience for your organization?

Q2. Do you currently measure the customer experience? How?

Q3. What key areas are detrimental to the customer experience?

Q4. What key areas are the strongest contributors for customer experience?

Q5. How can a consistent experience be created throughout the customer journey?

Q6. What business case has to be made to shift the focus to the holistic experience?