What’s the Role of Mobility in Traditional Marketing?

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4_P_Traditional_MarketingAt first glance this might appear to be a trick question. You might even consider this an oxymoron. Since we still use coupons, check email and go into retail locations I think it’s safe to say there is at the very list some compatibility between mobile and traditional marketing functions.

One might even argue that mobile has a way of enhancing rather than replacing some traditional marketing functions. One of the really positive outcomes of the mobile channel is the increasingly important focus on the customer experience. We chose to label this chat segment “mobility” because we felt it was a more appropriate representation of the mobile experience.

So, how can mobile marketing sustain, enhance and transform traditional marketing?  First, let’s define traditional marketing. When I use the term I am referring to the 4 P’s – Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. I have noticed that some have added a 5th P – People. These are the traditional principles that have informed marketing for decades.

The Internet and technology have intersected in profound ways that are reshaping buyer behaviors at a dizzying pace. So the question is what role should mobile play in traditional marketing.

Please join us at 1:00 PM ET Wednesday, 2/4/15 to discuss the following questions. The questions for today may seem basic, look for many probing follow-up questions to tease out potential. Let’s try to illustrate points with examples of best and worst practices.

Q1. How can mobile and traditional marketing coexist?

Q2. How should mobile shape promotions?

Q3. How should mobile shape place (location)? Please provide examples.

Q4. How is mobile affecting price? What are the consequences?

Q5. Where are marketers missing opportunities to leverage mobile?

Q6. What’s the most effective role for mobile and place (location)?

Bring your questions. Ask clarifying questions. Let’s make this a lively discussion that informs, educates and stimulates us to think differently.

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