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What's Your Social Media Sweet Spot?

What’s Your Social Media Sweet Spot?

Recently, there was a MarketingProfs article that discussed the best days and times to post content – the content “sweet spot” if you will… When you combine that with the proximity of Valentine’s Day, I started thinking about how the most popular isn’t always the best choice. Just like there were good and bad choices on who to pick for your Valentine, there are good and bad choices for your social media marketing, too. That’s what we’ll be discussing on the February 11, 2015 #SMChat Twitter chat.

  1. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to ask: who do you “friend” on Facebook?
  2. MarketingProfs says there are best days/times to post content Do you agree? Have you tested it to see if these “best practices” work for you?
  3. 50% of the C-suites aren’t convinced of social media’s value How do you persuade them?
  4. Only 43% of US brands engage with any “@” mention What are the ramifications of ignoring your customers and potential customers on social media?
  5. Having a great LinkedIn profile is important for companies and individuals both, what’s in the “sweet spot” of your perfect LinkedIn profile?

If you can’t make the chat, or if you have other questions that you would like to have added to the list or just want to suggest a topic for another chat, please leave your questions and comments below! See you Wednesday, 2/11/15 at 1P ET!

 Here’s the transcript of #smchat 2015.02.11

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