More Coffee, Please: The World Hasn’t Changed. Just Yet.

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Can a cup of coffee change the world? Or something closer to home? Pass the java. Our discussion continues.

Last month in our #socialchange deep dive, we asked: “Can a Cup of Coffee Change the World?”  Based on the turnout and the energized conversation that ensued, it seems the short answer might be “YES”. Thanks again to Jessie Mueller, owner of Rise Coffee Shop in St. Louis, for the java-based ‘pay it forward’ case study ..

But changing the world is no walk in the park, even with a fresh latte in hand. Are we being realistic? How far can ‘pay it forward’ take us?

What has to happen?

Like an able barista, I poured .. pouring, that is, over the tweet transcript from last month. Several themes kept rising to the top. Some ideas were deeper dives from our regular Q&A. Others were simply unanswered questions that seemed to deserve more chances. Rather than attempting to analyze our partial conclusions, I propose we simply continue the conversation where we left off, relaunching conversation threads that were showing promise.

  • Q1. Relationship First. Required: openness, trust & authenticity. But our social agendas can be ambitious. Can we wait for relationships to build?
  • Q2. Paying it Forward is intuitive and actionable, when applied locally. Seriously now, can it scale? How?
  • Q3. Understanding Scale. We talked about transition from local to global. What are the first steps? (note: I posted recently on scale and reach in more depth over at
  • Q4. The Coffee Shop Thing.  What is it about coffee shops that makes solving the world’s problems accessible?
  • Q5. Cultural Hand Cuffs. Required: awareness, alignment, adoption. But how do we adopt or adapt when our values and culture are heavily co-mingled, our western mindset and culture hopelessly intertwined?

We come together to discuss #socialmedia every WEDS at 1pm ET, with a special focus every 4th WEDS at the intriguing intersection of social networks and #socialchange. Some twitter chats can be echo chambers. We’ve worked to make #smchat something different. We come to compare notes and to learn.

Coffee is optional, of course. But highly recommended.

We hope you will join us WEDS Feb 25 at 1pm ET.  See you online!

Chris (aka @sourcepov)

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