Humanizing brands for mobile

Posted on March 2, 2015 by




A recent Forbes article cites a dominant marketing trend in mobile that will see “brands scrambling to humanize”.

Now, I have to ask: is that a fair statement? Are marketers today really so dense that they haven’t once accounted for the fundamentally human aspect of social media and how it makes or breaks their strategies?

As most of you are aware, I’m typically prone to exploring and examining mobile trends based on the abstract constructs that shape its proper paradigm and propels it to evolve through interconnected influences in sociology, psychology and philosophy.

So in our next hour-long session, lets ask ourselves the following:

Q1 What does it mean to “humanize” a brand?

Q2 How does “humanizing” a brand look like on mobile?

Q3 What are pitfalls to avoid when attempting to humanize brands for mobile marketing?

Q4 Are brands really ‘scrambling to humanize”? If not, what should brands be most concerned with in their mobile efforts?

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