Customer Service Predictions 2015

Posted on March 17, 2015 by


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The March Customer Service Feature for #SMChat will focus on predicted emerging trends in customer service. It is always a lively, engaging conversation and we hope that you will join us at 1PM ET on Wednesday, March 18th.

As we approach the end of the first quarter, now seems to be an appropriate time to review the predicted Customer Service trends for 2015 and how they are impacting our businesses. We will also discuss, whether or not there are any trends that you expected to see and haven’t seen yet.

There are two great posts that we will reference, one from Blake Morgan on Forbes and the other from Kate Leggett on Forrester’s blog. The trends they predicted are indicated on the table above, which is an easy reference for everyone to participate in #SMChat. I would recommend reading the full posts for additional information and insights.

Q1. What current trends for Customer service is your organization pursuing?

Q2. Which emerging trend do you feel is most impactful to the customer experience and overall customer satisfaction? Why?

Q3. Which emerging trend is most financially beneficial to organizations? Why?

Q4. How does your organization respond to emerging trends for customer service?

Q5. Are there any emerging trends missing from the predictions list?

Q6. What are the key factors when implementing a new tactic/tool for customer service?

We hope you will join the conversation using #SMChat on twitter.