Change by Design: Are you optimizing your Social Reach?

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Are your great ideas falling on deaf ears? Maybe it’s time to fine tune a few things.

When we have a really great idea, of course we want to share it. All the better if we get a bit excited. Sometimes we’ll reach out to anyone nearby who may be listening.

But if we truly aspire to drive change and make things happens on a larger scale, this casual approach falls well short of strategy. It leaves far too much to chance. Yet too often we just toss our ideas out to see what sticks. Change agents can’t afford “hit or miss,” a scattershot means of communicating to those just hanging around.

Social change requires some intelligent design.

What are some of the primary drivers of our Social Reach?  I think there are several worth exploring:

  • Q1. Listener Affinity. Does your audience care? Does it relate to you? How do you know? Do you have a plan to build common ground?
  • Q2. Message Strength. Have you refined your content for maximum impact and comprehension? It’s easy to be too technical, and to talk past our target stakeholders. Are you drowned out by background noise, or lost in translation?
  • Q3. Network. Does your audience have linkages to other audiences? Where else will they be going? This can be important for scale.
  • Q4. Stakes in the Sand. As we gain traction, it helps to focus on wins. Are there pros/cons to making claims on progress? What is the optimal timing?
  • Q5. Call to Action. Social change ultimately requires an action. How specific are the responses you’re seeking?

Let’s discuss live at our next #socialchange #smchat this WEDS 3/25 at 1pm ET. We are working to understand the change dynamics intrinsic to #h2h. What are the steps? What is possible? I find the dialog on #socialchange is continuing to foster a super exchange of ideas, many of them right here at #smchat.

Join us! I hope to see you online!

Chris aka @sourcepov


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