Approaching Customer Service with EASE

Posted on April 15, 2015 by


The April 15th focus of #SMChat will be how we approach Customer Service with EASE…it doesn’t need to be difficult to be great and it certainly doesn’t need to be complicated.

EASE of Customer ServiceEducate Customer Service teams on the organization (mission-vision-values), the product/service provided, the process for resolving issues, how to be the voice of the organization with the customers, how to provide the same level of service across platforms and how to work within the organization to provide a high level of service.

Authorize Customer service teams to make decisions, to resolve issues, to utilize guidelines rather than scripts, to provide feedback to other areas of the organization (implement a no retaliation policy) in order to resolve issues that are repetitive, to become experts on the product/service and empower them to lead change for the benefit of the organization…treat them as company ambassadors, framing them that way significantly impacts someone’s impression of them.

Share broader visions, key information and plans with Customer Service teams. When teams are privy to information, they can plan and prepare for changes and can be better prepared to serve their customers. Position Customer Service to provide and receive service from other parts of the organizations. Reduce silos and reap the benefits of communication, collaboration and service. All areas of an organization should be enlisted in serving the greater good of the organization.

Encourage Customer Service teams to work together, to view customers as partners, to explore solutions, to define measurements of their work (there is greater buy-in when they get to weigh-in), to lead the way to creating a service-minded organization and to use their voice to prompt change.

Join us April 15th at 1PM ET on #SMChat to discuss the questions below:

Q1. How do you feel your organization approaches customer service? Is it the same across platforms?

Q2. What key areas do you focus on when educating your customer service team?

Q3. What are best practices to authorize/empower customer service teams?

Q4. How does your organization share key information with the Customer Service team?

Q5. How does your customer service team use the information to plan/provide better service?

Q6. How is your organization encouraging your customer service team?