Has Social Media Turned a Corner? Our #SMCHAT Sixth Anniversary Chat

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“Social Media has offered many  changes in direction. Will the road ever straighten out?” photo courtesy Fred Darbonne

Social media can seem like a series of switchbacks.  Just when we master one section of road, new tools and capabilties enter the scene, and we change direction yet again.  Add to the that challenge of trying to engage at higher volumes, and the whole proposition can seem a bit daunting.

The #smchat community turned 6 years old this month.  A big thanks to the moderators and regulars and many new faces along the way that have helped to shape our community, and to shape our vision of what is possible with social media. To think it all started with an idea and a hashtag.

Looking ahead, there’s still work to do.  Let’s focus on the maturity of the space.  We’ve seen twists and turns in social media.  As the channel of channels matures, will the road ever straighten out? Has this already started?

Let’s discuss it.

  • Q1. Tool Stability. What #socialmedia tools/options can we count on?
  • Q2. Learning the Ropes. Authenticity. Engagement. Is it all sinking in?
  • Q3. Scale. As our #socialmedia footprint scales, must we approach engagement differently?
  • Q4. Evolution. We know #mobility and #socialchange are 2 very different developments in social media. What’s next?

Hope you will join us WEDS Apr 29 from 1-2pm as we take on these questions, and peer down the highway at what’s ahead.  I just hope we’re looking in the right direction.  Hope you will join us!

Chris (aka @sourcepov)

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