Mobile retail 2.0—is it finally here?

Posted on May 4, 2015 by


The advent of the Apple smart watch is significant.

But despite the predictable Apple hype cycle; to honest, I had my own initial doubts about a smart watch: apart from health tracking, time-telling, let alone that not everyone wears (or prefers to wear) a watch, how much of a game changer will this be to our mobile modes of existence?

Apparently, signs are hinting that mobile-based consumer behaviour (in the very least) will get even more entrenched into our daily lives. Take the Retale app, for instance. This app is positioned to increase mobile-generated incentives and sales in the retail sector.

“While Retale does offer a web interface, 95 percent of its traffic today is mobile (phone and tablet combined),” TechCrunch’s Sarah Perez  notes in her post.

A very compelling statistic indeed, and an even more revealing article. So let’s take a few moments to review and deconstruct this mobile phenomenon, shall we?

Q1 – What are the clear advantages and not-so-obvious disadavantages to a retail-focused mobile app like Retale and Flipp?

Q2 – The Retale app is positioned as a win-win for both consumer and retailers. As marketers, communicators, web developers and network specialists responsible for executing on this mobile offering, what key considerations need to be underlined?

Q3 – How do you see the current state of mobile-based retail experiences and transactions? Are they on point with the tech we have available or are improvements needed? In what areas? How?

Q4 – What other types of day-to-day behaviours and transactions do you think could use a mobile-based enhancement? What device/platform would be best suited for them?