Omni-channel Customer Service

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There was a great article via Harvard Business Review, When to Offer Fewer Customer Service Channels. And it brought a few great questions to mind that we will address as part of the May 20th Social Media Chat at 1PM ET.

Customer Service is critical for every company regardless of size, location, or industry.  It is critical that hiring practices and training are conducive to a consistent service-based approach within your business. Customers should have the same brand impression regardless of where/how they receive service…in person, on twitter, facebook, the phone, email or even the mail. Social media is one of my favorite tools for customer service, but it is critical to remember it’s not every customer’s favorite and you have to provide service where your customers are…and that service has to offer consistent quality.

Ask: What is it NECESSARY for customers?  What expectations are we creating? Are they reasonable? Can we minimize this gap by being proactive? What is sustainable for our organization?

In light of those questions, today’s Social Media Chat will focus on the questions below:

  1. What channels does your organization use to provide customer service?
  2. What do you do internally to create a cohesive approach to customer service?
  3. How does your organization set expectations for your customers? (How, when, where they can expect to receive service.)
  4. How does your organization use social media channels to provide that service?
  5. Have you established clear communication to your customers about what service they can expect via the channels you use?  How so?

I hope by the end of the chat, each person can answer the additional questions for themselves:

Does the customer service your organization provides, line up with your customers expectations?  Are you able to meet the demands of your customers?  Are your customers demands reasonable? Is the service your providing sustainable for your organization?

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