Hope: Nurturing the Seeds of a Social Movement

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Exploring the Nature of Social ChangeIt’s easy to spot a forrest. Just look for lots of trees.

But to look inside, past all those trees, you have to explore with both focus and intent to find what makes that forrest a forrest in the first place.

Social change is similar. We know when’s it there, and we know when it’s not. But exploring to find the root cause of a complex ecosystem requires some investigation. In the forrest, I’ll contend, it’s a seed. With social change, I’ll contend it’s a seed of hope.

Cathryn Hrudicka shared this:

One characteristic of very bad social situations is a lack of hope. A people or a culture loses the ability to envision a better future. Growth is cutoff. Resources are cutoff. There isn’t much to look forward to. So the dark vestiges of despair set in. Hope changes that. Offering hope to an individual or a people provides a starting point for a different outcome. It’s an initial condition that, like the seed, must be present for something new to take hold. It’s the start of a cycle that will bring more seeds, and with a fair wind a little rain, the seeds will become a forrest.

For #socialchange #smchat on Wednesday, 5/27, let’s explore the metaphor of the seed to see what we might learn about the role of hope in this ambitious undertaking we call ‘social change’ ..

  • Q1. Can there be #socialchange without hope?
  • Q2. What are examples of hope visibly sparking #socialchange success?
  • Q3. What can #socialchange leaders do to instill hope, and to keep it spreading?
  • Q4. What other metaphors can help unravel the challenges of #socialchange?

Each 4th Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET, the #smchat community comes together to discuss the social implications of socialchange. It’s an open forum, and all are welcome. Pull up a chair, and a latte. We hope you will join us.

Chris (aka @sourcepov)

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