Customer Service Scalability – Challenge Accepted

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Scalable Customer ServiceCustomer service scalability at speed is critical for business. B to B and B to C organizations can learn from one another in regards to scaling the service that they provide. I recently read an article, 6 Steps to Building a Super Scalable Customer Service Roadmap, and thought about the need for organizations to take a mapping approach to their scalability issues. They can be better prepared to address the needs of their customers, internally and externally. It is not an easy, process, but well worth the effort. What do you think about that? I hope that it is “Challenge Accepted!”

In the July 15th #SMchat we will address the 6 steps identified in the article and the business impact/possibilities. The questions for the chat are listed below, join us at 1PM on your preferred twitter chat platform to join the conversation!

Q1. How do you create a mulit-channel system?

Q2. What is the best way to tier your customer service?

Q3. Is your business planning to enter new markets? How do you prepare?

Q4. Outsourcing support – is this right for your business? What is the impact to customer experience?

Q5. Which systems do you use to manage customer service for your business? If multi-system approach, do you have plans to integrate?

Q6. How can you consider all areas of the organization as you plan for growth? What are other business areas will have to be scaled?

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