Social Change: A Call for Case Studies

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Crowds_via-JJordanLast time at #smchat #socialchange we talked about the value of some good working case studies, to see how some of our ideas about social change might apply in practice.

Is that a step we are ready to take?

After all, we’ve talked for months about factors that make social change possible. Let’s recap with a few examples. Successful social entrepreneurs have a viable, intuitive vision, with messaging that resonates. They build or tap a culture of caring and compassion. They have leaders who adapt, who understand people, and who listen. They build a scalable stakeholder network with diverse roles, from leader to contributor to advocate. Okay. Sure. All of that sounds good in principal. How does it all get put it all into action?

Now it’s time to find out.

All of us have different ideas of social change in practice, ranging from global aid movements down to local homeless shelters. There’s lots in between. Much of it is worth exploring further.

Let’s use our WEDS 7/22/15 #smchat to search out and nominate some candidate case studies. As you propose ideas, be thinking which ones might provide access to how they work, so we can understand the forces in play. Think about what we’ve discussed, and help us find those efforts or programs that can help us see our ideas in action.

Here are 4 Q’s:

  • Q1. What are some international organizations or non-profits that we think could teach us something about global #socialchange?
  • Q2. Are there domestic (e.g., U.S. or U.K.) programs that represent #socialchange at national levels, and what makes them work?
  • Q3. Closer to home, in our cities and counties, what orgs or types of orgs provide the most #socialchange insight?
  • Q4. How might we best learn more about these case studies, and bring #socialmedia insight back online, to be share w/ #smchat and beyond?

I hope you share my energy in exploring #socialchange here at #smchat. We’re about 2 years in .. and there are many miles left on the journey.

See you online, 1pm ET !!

Chris (aka @sourcepov)

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