Engage – Will a Customer-centric Omni Channel Strategy Work?

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I came across this Marketing Sherpa case study. According to the information a San Diego radio station was recognized a 56% increase in customer engagement with their app through a multi-channel strategy.

Pretty impressive improvement.

If you read the case you’ll notice they understand the nature of their two target audience. One they entertain, the other pays the bills. To their credit they understand the dynamics at work to reach both audiences.

This case study has something for most everyone. It’s a lesson in crafting an experience using the tools you have at your disposal rather than trying to apply the tools. This may sound like a play on words; however, it’s a very different approach. Using each channel to convey the appropriate message creates a more engaging experience. The radio station was able to utilize the technology in their app to draw in consumers.

Let’s talk about role of creating omni channel programs that engage consumers who are always on.

Following are the questions for our 11/5/15 Chat that begins at 1:00 PM EDT.

Q1. What’s the difference between an omni-channel strategy and using different channels for a campaign?

Q2. What are the essentials of an effective omni-channel strategy?

Q3. How would you make a case for an omni-channel strategy to skeptics in senior management?

Q4. What’s the future for apps in omni-channel marketing?

Q5. What about the increased security risks inherent in an increasingly mobile society?

Q6. How do you ensure omni-channel strategies are/stay consumer-centric?

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