Don’t Look Now: Are you missing chances to make Social Conversions?

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Are You Losing Your Chance for Conversions?

Timing is Everything: Are You Losing Your Chance for Conversions?

So you’re on socal media and making loads of connections. With some focus and a compelling message, it is time consuming, but doable. Making connections is easily learned and replicated, and sometimes it’s downright fun.

Then what?

For the caterpillar to emerge as a butterfly, there is a critical process of transformation. In a similar way, to convert social connections to sales leads, something specifc has to happen.  It may seem like magic, but it’s actually just work. Lots of it. And timing can be critical.

Your marketing strategy more than likely includes a call to action. But how does it get to your social connection, without directly promoting your product or service in a way that alienates your new and somewhat fragile connections? When does that opportunity arise in the fluid world of social media conversation? The stakes can be high.

Are you losing your opportunity to convert that connection into a lead, before you know it?

The all-important conversion of social media connections to leads, referrals and/or sales, as well as converting the transaction to other places like blogs, landing pages, and retail stores is where many fall short of success in SMM. This can be especially important where mobility is the point of engagement, since interaction choices on that platform can be limited by real estate, bandwidth & reduced focus.

On the heels of a great chat last week on Mobile omni-channel, let’s focus today on how to kick-start the initial social-to-something-else conversion cycle. What are the key things to consider?

  • Q1. Place. Is it better to qualify potential conversions on social media, or later, using more familiar channels?
  • Q2. Timing. How do I know when to attempt a conversion? Is timing up to me, or the prospect?
  • Q3. Tactics. With social channels, is it always better to convert a connection to a lead or referral, vs. an outright sale?
  • Q4. Destinations. Are there optimal destinations for social conversion (e.g., blog, web page, e-commerce site, store)?
  • Q5. Challenges. What if it goes poorly, e.g., a prospect who feels misled or trapped? Did I fail to qualify them correctly?

We will take on these questions WEDS 8/12 at 1pm ET for our weekly smchat, where we’ll focus on Marketing the 2nd WEDS of every month. I’ll be standing in for our Marketing topic leader Sharon Mostyn today. Please join us. We always have some lively conversation.

Chris (aka @sourcepov)

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