Working Backwards to Create a Forward-thinking Customer Experience

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WPerspectivehat kind of experience are you trying to create for your customers? What service model are you using to get there? Are you working backwards? You should be. Design from the desire state back to where you are, this will create the road map to where you want to go.

Many times when we discuss customer experience and customer service, we look at our metrics and determine how to make them better. This approach certainly offers benefits to the customer, but those benefits would be maximized if we look at the opportunity for improvement from a different perspective. Rather than look at how we can improve our metrics, look to improving the experience and the level of service…this can shift what/how you are measuring significantly. It can also shift the impression and experience that your customers have. Look first to what your customers expect, then layer the experience desired, and work backwards step-by-step to create that future state.

During the August 19th customer feature on #SMChat, we will discuss the following questions:

Q1. How does your organization determine if you are meeting customers’ expectations?

Q2. Is your organization currently providing the experience that is optimal for the customer? How do you know?

Q3. Is your organization looking for ways to continually improve the customer experience?

Q4. When planning the customer experience, do you work from the desired state backwards? Would you?

Q5. How can “reverse engineering” your customer experience be beneficial for the organization and the customers alike?

We hope that you will join us for this lively conversation at 1p.m. ET on Wednesday, August 19, 2015.

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