The Search is On: Will our Social Change Case Studies go Social?

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AN OPEN CALL. Who will share their stories?

CHARLOTTE, NC. Last month, we continued to build energy on our Case Study initiative by taking nominations. We’ve been talking in fairly broad strokes over the last 2 years, and many of us are thinking it’s high time we created focus on the details.

What are some specific examples of #socialchange? Who will be willing to take the time to step forward to tell their story? I think this could open up a whole new level of discussion, with significant learning opportunities for all of us.

Sadly, we don’t have research staff. What’s a chat community to do?

Here’s a theory:  strong #socialchange Case Study candidates are going to have a #socialmedia presence. So why not tap it? After all, social movements that aim to engage must have a social presence that allows them to be reachable. We’ll commit to documenting and sharing what we learn right here, with plenty of promo for any and all help that’s been provided ..

Why not give them a shout?

In our WEDS 8/26 #socialchange #smchat let’s discuss our approach for engaging our case study candidates, and see how we might narrow the field of contacts. We can use our transcript to track ideas, contacts, and data points, and then, in turn, tap those contacts to help guide the data capture. A few of our Case Studies may attend future chats, where we will help promote their cause while providing us some real time, real world input on how social change really works. The rest, they say, is where the magic starts to work.

Here are a few planning questions that should help get this strategy into play, priming the pump of engagement.

  • Q1. Would #socialchange #casestudy candidates respond to a conversation like ours, or do they need to be contacted directly?
  • Q2. Could a #PSA or #calltoaction hashtag solicit #casestudy input? What other tags might work?
  • Q3. If we contact #socialchange #casestudy candidates directly, presumably via Twitter, who should we ask for?
  • Q4. With last month’s #socialchange #casestudy nominees in mind, what are the next steps?

Btw, there were some EXCELLENT contributions made last month at #smchat #socialchange, including this input from Valdis:

Don’t know about you. But I’m getting excited over here. Let’s see what’s possible. We hope to see you online 8/26 at 1pm ET.

Chris aka @sourcepov

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