Customer Service Expectations are Created Everywhere

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Customer Service starts long before the customer calls, tweets, facebooks, texts, IMs, chats, emails, etc…It begins the first time that a customer hears about/sees your organization. Sometimes organizations do not realize that they have started building a customer experience. As businesses focus on the brand, sales, lead generation, and other business activities, they may overlook that they are building in more ways than they realize.

The customer experience creates customer expectations and ultimately Customer Service is impacted by those expectations. For example, if you see an ad for a positive interaction with an organization, you may expect a similar interaction when doing business with them and it is especially disappointing when that is not the experience that you have.

On this month’s Customer focused feature of SMChat, we will be discussing the customer experience, working with other externally facing business partners to achieve consistency, and how to make sure that Customer Service professionals are looped in to the process.

Q1. How do customers become your customers?

Q2. Do you map the customer journey?

Q3. How do you partner internally to ensure consistency in messages and experience externally?

Q4. What impressions/interactions are most impactful to customers from a consistency perspective?

Q5. What inputs and outputs should be shared internally?

Q6. How is feedback from customer service included in the design process?

We hope that you will join in this conversation at 1 p.m. ET on September 16, 2015.

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