Close to Home: Are Local Communities the Ultimate Proving Ground for Social Change?

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Crowds_via-JJordanCHARLOTTE, NC.  As resources focused on #socialchange build gradually in various corners of the internet (see TED on Social Change, as a sample), we’re continuing to look for case studies that can illustrate how social media might play a role, connecting stakeholders when and where they are most needed. Who will tell their story? How will we connect with them? I’ve spoken with Autom (aka @autom8) on this, and we’re thinking that local venues .. or even hyper-local ones .. might afford the best chances.

Hyper-local, of course, is mobile marketing speak for community-based, which is as local as it gets.

I’ve started reviewing some of the TED Talks in the above link for ideas. Several sound promising ..

In our WEDS 9/23 #socialchange #smchat let’s discuss what hyper-local means when it comes to advancing quality of life through social networks. We can use our transcript to track ideas and contacts, then, with luck, follow-up with some of them to help guide our research. Here are a few planning questions that should help:

  • Q1. Let’s define #hyperlocal for #socialchange. How local is hyper local? Are we talking neighborhoods? communities? cities?
  • Q2. Why would a local #socialchange #casestudy be more apt to connect with others online?
  • Q3. Some #hyperlocal examples might help. E.g., focus on the homeless, education, local environment issues? Are we on the right track?
  • Q4. Is a central rallying point for hyper-local networking needed? An NGO? An event? A public office? A person? A hashtag?
  • Q5. With a hyper-local #casestudy or two in hand, what might be the next steps?

Btw, remember this EXCELLENT input from Valdis at July’s #smchat #socialchange:

Thanks for stopping in to provide some input. Please share your stories of what you’ve seen, or your vision for how we might connect for social impact.

Hope to see you online at 1pm ET.

Chris aka @sourcepov

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