A Pivot On Possibility: What Changes with Social Media?

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Changing the Game: What is possible with Social Media.

Changing the Game: What is possible with Social Media? A new look at #socialchange

As we look across a broad landscape of social media, the opportunity for “social good” continues to loom large on the horizon. For some time now, we’ve been exploring how social media can expand opportunities for non-profits and social entrepreneurs alike. We’ll continue on that track.

But maybe the hashtag #socialchange can provide expanded perspectives in other areas as well? Think “Change due to Social Media” and we can open up discussions on a variety of fronts.

Let’s tackle a few of these areas, and see what we might find out.

  • Q1. E-Commerce. 10+ years of #socialmedia has introduced game changing #mobile and #web innovations for #b2c. Is #personalization its own next wave of change?
  • Q2. Organization Change. Social is slow to grow inside most companies. Is it a skills issue or a culture issue blocking corporate #socialmedia?
  • Q3. Social Good. We’ve discussed how an #NFP can use social to engage & strengthen a cause online. Is #socialmedia a tactic or strategy that transforms what’s possible?
  • Q4. PLN. A “personal learning network” gives #k12 teachers a platform to share ideas. What’s the upside potential in this space & other areas?

Let’s see if there’s energy on making #socialchange a broader perspective on change. We’ll take a look at the game-changing impact of #socialmedia. It puts more on the table. More to explore. Maybe it’s a pivot worth pursuing.

Every WEDS at 1pm ET #smchat comes together to explore the nuances of #socialmedia. On the 4th WEDS we explore the #socialchange dynamic. Join the conversation.

Hope to see you online!

Chris aka @sourcepov