Social Media Tracking

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Tracking in the social media maze

Tracking in the social media maze.

Social media tracking can be a maze, or amazing – the difference is in how well you plan.

I find that using Google Analytics custom campaign parameters to tag social media links works best for me. You can find out more about Google Analytics campaign tracking in my blog post on Web Marketing Today here:

When tracking your social media campaigns, it’s important to develop a naming convention so that you can easily group the items that you’re tracking. You can be as detailed as you want, from the platform where the post originated down to the specifics of the post itself. In addition to tracking the content of the post, you can also track the type of post (written post, infograph, image, video, podcast, or something else).

Q1 What social media metrics do you track and how granular do you get? Do you track by platform, post content, post, type?

Q2 What’s the most important social media metric for you to track? Why? Has that changed over time?

Q3 Do you use Google Analytics custom campaigns to measure social media or the reporting data from each individual social media channel or a platform that combines multiple data sources?

Q4 From a measurement standpoint, do you track paid social media differently than “organic” social media?

Q5 What insights have you gained from tracking social media? How have they impacted your business?

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