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It’s hard to believe that it will be 2016 in a little more than a month. Business plans are well underway for the coming year. When considering plans for customer service and social media in 2016, look to predicted trends as part of your planning process.  When we discussed 2015 trends, we included the chart below. During our #SMChat on November 18th at 1pm ET, we will discuss the predicted trends from 2015 and how they are lining up with a few of the 2016 predicted trends of: advanced customization of localization of offers, evolution of multi-channel service, self-service options, and data mining to offer better customer service.


Customer Service Predicted Trends 2015

Q1. What trends for Customer service did your organization pursue this year?

Q2. Which trend had the greatest impact to the customer experience and overall customer satisfaction in 2015? Why?

Q3. What trends do you expect to emerge for customer service as we enter 2016?

Q4. How does your organization respond to emerging trends for customer service?

Q5. What tools do you use when implementing new technology/platforms to provide customer service?


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