Can mobile apps help you land a job?

Posted on November 30, 2015 by


Really? #IKR ..  No, like REALLY??

“The job search is now squarely the business of mobile technology,” notes one recent TechCrunch post.

In terms of reach, depth and just pure common sense, how realistic is this statement? If you know me at all, you’d  know that I’m not one to quickly eat up something so sweeping like this.

I don’t mean to completely dismiss the notion of mobile apps helping with employment; however, the idea that mobile technology is to shoulder the sole responsibility of addressing job search is a bit exaggerated, if not ridiculous.

So for this week’s mobility segment, lets explore the role of mobile apps in helping people land jobs.

Q1 Have you used any of the apps mentioned in the TC post? Thoughts? If not, what’s your main go-to Job Search app?

Q2 What key features should a mobile job search app have?

Q3 What are your thoughts on virtual interviews? Is face-to-face a must-have for successful hiring?

Q4 Is job search “squarely the business of mobile technology”?

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