2016 Social Media Marketing Predictions

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IMG_1883The New Year is nearly upon us and even though it’s only the beginning of December, there are already more than 1.7 MILLION search results for “2016 social media marketing predictions.”

In a Forbes article on Halloween 2015, they predicted that Snapchat and the magic of “real-time” social media content with an expiration date will become even more popular. Social Media Today says we’ll see more “buy” buttons in social media platforms during 2016. ClickZ says that a 28% adoption rate for wearable tech and the Internet of Things (IoT) are trends that will make big data even bigger in 2016. And just before Thanksgiving, Chad Pollitt from the Huffington Post announced that social media traffic to most websites will decline in 2016…wait, what??? Fortunately that trend seems to be just a tracking attribution error.

With those thoughts in mind, here are this week’s #SMChat questions:

  1. What social media platforms do you see emerging in 2016? Is Snapchat a contender like Forbes says?
  2. Social Media Today says social media “buy” buttons will be on the rise in 2016. Do you agree?
  3. With wearable technology adoption predicted to be 28% in 2016, ClickZ says the IoT will be a big tool for customer engagement – who has enough big data processing capability to use it?
  4. Social media tracking will be a challenge in 2016 says the Huffington Post. How do you track incoming traffic from mobile apps?
  5. What social media marketing topics will be the biggest opportunities/challenges for marketers in 2016?


So, what do YOU think 2016 will bring for social media marketers? Feel free to link your 2016 marketing predictions blog posts in the comments section below or join us “live” on Twitter’s #smchat hashtag at 1PM ET on Wednesday, 12/9/15! We’ve got some great minds who join the #smchat Twitter chat each Wednesday and I can’t wait to hear what they will predict as well.

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