Customer Service and Social Media – Back to the Basics

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During the last customer service feature on SMChat, we discussed trends and tools for 2016. As 2015 comes to a close, I would encourage organizations to think about customer service basics. Some organizations are so focused on wowing customers with slick advertising/shiny objects and they miss out on the basics, which costs them in customers, customer satisfaction, and reputation. Is your organization exceeding customer expectations at the basics? How do you know? How does your organization focus on the basics?

Hiring for fit, having customer service personnel that can empathize, listen, offer solutions, be creative, and follow-up, is critical to customer satisfaction, net promoter score, customer retention and customer acquisition.

Join us on December 16th at 1p.m. ET to discuss customer service basics and how you can keep it simple and get back to basics for your organization.

Q1. How does hiring for “fit” shape customer service in an organization?

Q2. What basics are the most important for your organization?

Q3. How is your organization empowering personnel to offer solutions?

Q4. How does your organization weave a customer service mindset from the top down?

Q5. How does your organization build customer satisfaction through the basics?

Bonus question, which we will use in the first chat on 2016. Q6. What are you most passionate about in regards to customer service?

We hope that you will join us and share your insights during SMChat, Wednesday, December 16th at 1p.m. ET.


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