Can @Jack Save Twitter?

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Jack Dorsey returns as CEO of Twitter, courtesy the New Yorker, 2015

The #smchat community, edging toward a 7-year anniversary, explores #socialmedia #trends at the start of the New Year. It’s time. Let’s dust off our crystal balls again for a look ahead.  Note: we made a few real-time changes to the flow during the chat; updates applied below (cj).

A few weeks back, Jack Dorsey resumed the CEO job at Twitter, having originally co-founded the platform, getting ousted after just a few years, then returning from a 7-year hiatus. It was an intriguing turn of events, to say the least.

What does it mean? Any way you slice it, Twitter has played and is playing a unique role in the emerging dynamics of socialmedia. #Smchat and twitter chats in general depend on the platform for their existence. To me, anyone trafficking in social spaces should have both eyes on what’s ahead for Jack Dorsey and Twitter .. the company, the platform .. and to be sure, the user experience.


Jack Dorsey, courtesy Biz Journals

Here’s my original tweet, with a link to the original (and informative) Om Malik article in New Yorker magazine:

What do you think will happen next with Twitter? Let’s find out. Here’s the frame for WEDS 12/30 1pm ET.

  • Q1. In 2010, Twitter’s relationships with 3rd party apps & their developers went stale fast. Has this remained Twitter’s biggest problem?
  • Q2. Does Twitter’s new Moments aggregation feature change Twitter’s stake (in terms of increased clicks, or ‘reason to launch’)?
  • Q3. [ADDED DURING CHAT]. Does Twitter even need saving? Or is it more of a course correction?
  • Q4. With shrinking mobile/web mindshare, Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook tend to outflank Twitter, at least by the numbers. (a.) Why? (b.) What is Twitter’s competitive edge?
  • Q5. You’re Jack Dorsey. You’ve already had to reduce headcount 8% to re-align & re-focus the company. What must you do next at Twitter?

It should be a lively discussion. Hope to see you online on 12/30. Meantime, have a safe and happy holiday!

Chris (aka @sourcepov)


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