2016 Mobile Trends: Sure, but what’s YOUR take?

Posted on January 4, 2016 by


So yep: trends and predictions. And boy, some just go overboard and list 15 to 25 things to watch for. Like really??

Luckily, SlashGear manages to filter through the noise and came up with five, which makes things much more digestible for us to chat about.

Our #smchat leader, Chris Jones (aka @sourcePOV), has kindly offered to help moderate this session in my stead. As much as I would have preferred to be in the thick of things orchestrating and traffic-controlling sparks and ideas in the heat of the moment as it were, ALAS, this week is a bit of mess for me schedule wise.

So mobile nerds, do be sure to give Chris all your support and help liven the discussion when fleshing out the following questions:

Q1 What are your thoughts on the rise of phablets and their impact on your mobile mode of existence?

Q2 Based on your own experience, how important is mobile battery life when choosing a device to use?

Q3 Is high camera resolution a must for you? Why or why not?

Q4 Do you or does your business use tablets as a productivity tool? How?

Q5 What is YOUR personal view on the next big mobile trend?