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Post When Your Audience Is Paying Attention

Post When Your Audience Is Paying Attention

One of the questions that comes up time and again (pun intended) on #SMChat as well as in social media strategy meetings is “What’s the best time to post on social media?” The answer, as always, is “It depends.” It depends on your company’s behavior, your target audience, your interaction goals (engagement vs. traffic/sales), which platform you’re posting on, the geographic area(s) that you’re targeting, etc.

This recent blog post and infographic from Lindsey Kolowich on the Hubspot blog has some great social media post timing insights for you to test on your own audience. It’s important to test the recommendations to make sure your audience is paying attention and responding the way you want them to when you post.

How can we determine when our target audience might be online? Use your audience personas. Don’t have personas for your customers yet? This post from Tim Allen on the Moz blog describes how to create buyer personas using Facebook Insights.

Here are the #SMChat questions about social media target audiences:

  1. How do I find my target audience with social media?
  2. What are the best ways to engage my audience with social media?
  3. How do I develop a social strategy for my target audience?
  4. What social tactics are most effective?
  5. How do I sell with social media?

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