Transforming supply chain management with mobile

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Here’s something you don’t come across everyday: mobile technology at the heart of transforming the supply chain management landscape.

A recent webinar proposed to discuss the power behind this intriguing possibility. If you look past the product placement angle, the brief offers some pretty compelling scenarios where the traditional desktop-based cycle of interacting with third-party contractors and suppliers could be further enhanced and facilitated (if not empowered) through more mobile environments, devices, Wi-Fi connections, real-time, on-site processing and data transparency!

IKR?? “data transparency”—what are the implications? Not just for compliance but for existing standards and expected dynamics surrounding supply chain management overall.

While I don’t claim to be an expert in supply chain management, I do feel we have a meaty area of discussion here, which can certainly branch off to other related topics and applications:

Q1 Does mobile-based supply chain management make good business sense? Why? How?

Q2 What potential (or obvious) challenges would the sole reliance on mobile pose to the supply chain management process?

Q3 How would you depict/describe ‘data transparency’ with respect to use of mobile in this context?

Q4 What other business applications do you see benefiting from the use of mobile technology?

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